Event - Years 6 Leavers' Visit Twin Lakes

10 July 2018

On Tuesday July 10th the Year 6 children leavers went to Twin Lakes with Mr Cope and Mrs Staveley.

The day started with a visit to The Nuclear Incident Room where we had to save the world by solving lots of puzzles and challenges. It was really good fun and thankfully we found the key and were able to escape in time.

After lunch we went on lots of exciting rides. Before getting on the bus the return to school we had some ice creams and some of us went on the parks new ride, Excalibur. It went rather high and some people, Mr. Cope, looked rather green when they came off .

All set to have fun.
We managed to escape.

Ready for take-off!
On the Buffalo.

Prepare to get wet.
Not so bad at the moment! Just wait!