Event - Redmile Sports Day

29 June 2012

On Friday 29th June we held our Sports day on the school field.

Children came to school in their team colours. The rain stayed off all morning so we were very lucky. Lots of parents joined us and took part in a Ladies v. Gentlemen 'Tug of War'. Well done to the ladies who took the title this year.

The Red team were the overall winners and were awarded the Sports Day Trophy. Mrs. Hopkins gave everyone who came first in an event a 'Gold Medal' and everyone was given a sticker for taking part.

Our Special Friday assembly followed a great morning of sport. Well done to everyone who took part.

Waiting for instructions.
Can we start, please?

Just in case it rains.
Greens warming up.

Red in the lead.
Blues running.

Yellows ready.
Stealing the balls for the team.

How many can we get?
Time's nearly up.

Obstacle course.
Having a rest.

Reception girls javelin.
How far did it go?

Year 1 boys having a go.
Throw it as far as you can.

Year 5 girls.
Year 5 boys.

Just let it go.
Year 4 boys sprinting.

Looks as if Reds might win.
Key stage 1 Tug of war.

C'mon gents.
The ladies have it...

Our Mason Cup winner, for Outstanding Sportsmanship.
Our Morley Cup winner, for special Sporting Effort.