Event - Science Week

17 to 24 March 2017

Years 5 and 6 visited the Big Bang Science Fair at the NEC in Birmingham on the 17th of March and had an amazing day. It was also Red Nose Day and we collected over £88 for the charity.

To celebrate Science week we held a Science Fair in the Sports Hall on Friday 24th March. We had a selection of experiments to show parents. Some involving very messy ingredients!

Army Tanks are huge!
Train driving using V.R.

Looking at a 3D Printer.
How does this work?

Is there a doctor in the house?
Robot wars are cool.

Noughts and crosses robot style.
Rainbow Rain.

Being nosey with the shaving cream.
Will they change colour?

It’s Red Nose Day!
Come and see our experiment?

How much water?
Custard and saliva! Yum!