Event - Rainforest Animals

27 March 2012

On Tuesday 27th March we had some very special visitors. As part of our Rainforest Topic, Glenn Arscott from Tropical Inc. came to school with an assortment of rainforest animals.

We saw Stella the skunk, who was very well behaved. Charlie, the orange winged parrot, who flew across the hall and landed on Mr Curtis. Mrs Copeland held a snapping turtle called Jaws, who had been rescued from a canal in Birmingham.

Some of us held a fox snake. Others stroked a very smelly meerkat. We watched a genet, which looked like a cat but is from the mongoose family. We were also treated to the sight of a Coatimundi called Elike who found a tennis ball in the Sports Hall decided to play with it.

A very interesting visit which led to some great follow up work in class.

A fox snake,
A carpet python.

It feels really soft.
His name is Jaws.

Does he bite?
Charlie the orange winged parrot.

Showing off his orange tipped wings.
A relaxed meerkat.

He is a bit smelly.
Do I have to touch him?

He is so soft.
Watch he doesn't squirt!

Elike, the coatimundi, liked a scratch.
Whose shoe is this?