Event - The Olympic Torch Relay in Melton

3 July 2012

On Tuesday the 3rd of July some of us went to Long Field School in Melton to see the Olympic Torch.

When we arrived in the morning we were shown to our area for the day. We were able to have a look around the stalls of games children from Long Field had made up for us.

After a rather soggy early lunch we were put into groups and were able to take part in different sporting activities. Fencing, football, curling and basketball were just some of the games we took part in.

The highlight of the day, of course, was seeing the Olympic Torch. Some of us even had a chance to hold it... not lit of course!

Having our lunch under cover.
Soggy sandwiches.

We were given special t-shirts.
We put them over our raincoats.

Getting ready for some curling.
The Olympic Torch arrives.

In our school groups.
Holding the Torch... unlit!