Event - Our New Building

19 September 2011

Monday 19th of September 2011 was a very, very special day in the history of Redmile Primary School. We were able to enter our new Classrooms!

Whilst we were enjoying our summer holidays lots of hard work was being done here at Redmile to make sure we had the very best start to the new term.

Our Classrooms are super! One child from each Class was chosen to be the first to set foot in the building. We can't wait to settle in and enjoy the new facilities.

A humongous 'Thank you!' to Mrs. Hopkins and all the staff and workmen for all their hard work getting the building ready for us!

The first module arrives.
It is put in place.

The next one arrives.
Mrs Hopkins lends a hand.

New coat pegs.
Mr Curtis helping out.

The third module is in place.
The roof goes on.

Looking good!
Time for a cuppa.

A special brick by for Mrs Hopkins.
Our multi-talented Headteacher.

The new carpets.
Our new playground.

Class 3.
Ready and waiting.

Mrs Hodder's room.
Class 2.

The blinds are closed so no-one can see in!
Letting the sunshine in.

Writing our names on Post-its.
Who is going to be lucky?

The suspense!
The seven lucky children.

The doors are still closed.
Open up please!

The first child sets foot in.
One child from each year - plus 1!

It's so exciting.
Thumbs up for Class 3!

It's great!
The themed toilets.

They are so cool!
The first to use the kitten one.

Some new friends in Class 2.
The carpet is so soft!

A huge 'thank you'.