Event - Super Maths Day

13 September 2017

On Wednesday September 13th Classes 2 to 4 took part a great Maths adventure when Lumino (aka Martin) visited us from Subject Revolution.

Class 2 had to solve some Maths problems to save Lumino from being turned to stone by the Queen of Mathania.

Classes 3 and 4 had the even bigger task of saving Planet Earth! This involved solving some tricky maths problems to find a code which would save our school. Luckily each group was able to crack the dark code and Lumino, Planet Earth and more importantly our school was saved from the Robotrons.

It was great fun and everyone enjoyed the experience. A huge 'thank you’ to Mrs Longden for organising the day.

Find the missing weight.
Sorting out a puzzle.

Finding the Dark Code.
Where does the wire go?

What time is it?
Which one is lighter?

Number bonds to 10.
Shape puzzles.

Trying to turn the light green.
Cracking the code.

Working as a team.
Can I do this one now?