Event - Jubilee Celebrations

1 June 2012

On Friday 1st June we celebrated Jubilee Day. We all came dressed in red, white and blue.

In Class 1 we all made some special crowns. Class 2 decorated cakes with red, white and blue icing and made crowns. In Class 3 we had a busy morning making Union Jacks, Jubilee stamps and plates. Each one of us, including staff members, contributed to a Whole School Art Project commemorating the Jubilee.

At the end of the morning we got together to sing the National Anthem and then had a Street Party style lunch.

To round off the day we planted a Rowan Tree as a symbol of our dedication to our Queen.

Making Union Jack flags.
Icing cakes.

Dressed in red.
Red, white and blue.

Designing stamps.
Designing a Jubilee plate.

Making our own crowns.
A sea of red, white and blue.

Singing our National Anthem.
A street party inside.

Don't we look good in our crowns?
Where's the food?

Waving our flags.
Planting our Rowan Tree.