Event - Harvest Festival

28 September 2011

On Wednesday 28th September we had our Harvest Festival. As part of our Topic 'The Midnight World' each class told us about people who work during the night to help us.

Class 1 gave us 'The Fire-fighters' song with actions. Class 2 had Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics dancing to 'Night Fever'. Class 3 were 'Sending our thanks' by performing some playlets featuring Policemen and women, Vets, Postmen and Doctors who are there for us during the night.

As part of our service the 'Held Together' statue was shared with Parents. The Statue is making its way around all the Church Schools in the Diocese. The sharing of the statue symbolises the love of Jesus Christ so that His presence is felt at the heart of the community. Croxton Kerrial School brought it to us on Tuesday 27th September and we delivered it to Bottesford Primary on Thursday.

As usual we had some great Harvest boxes which were donated to Dove Cottage after the service.

The statue arrives at Redmile.
Handing it over to us.

Sharing the 'Held Together' statue.
Waiting to greet parents.

Some of the great Harvest Boxes.
We decorated our own box.

Doctors and Nurses dancing.
Sending our thanks.

Sharing the statue in Church.
Filling up Mrs Hopkins car with the Harvest boxes.

The Statue came with us to Dove Cottage.
Handing it over to Bottesford.