Event - Easter Assembly

12 April 2019

On Friday 12th of April parents and grandparents joined us in the Sports Hall for our Easter Assembly.

  • Class 1 talked to everyone about Love and Friendship, reading prayers they had written.
  • Class 2 had created the Garden of Gethsemane, some moving Chicks and some fantastic Easter Bonnets.
  • Class 3 spent lots of time making Jesus’s tomb and super bags, to hold all their Easter eggs perhaps?
  • In Class 4 we recreated the Stations of the Cross telling the story of the last days of Jesus.

Mrs Wells joined us for an Easter blessing.

Well done to all for their hard work and fabulous creations.

Rise and shine!
Friendship prayers.

Prayers for Peace in the world.
Bags for Easter eggs?

Jesus’s tomb.
Moving Chicks.

Easter Bonnets.
Garden of Gethsemane.

One of Class 3’s tombs.
The Stations of the Cross.