Event - A Visit from the Dogs Trust

11 October 2017

On Wednesday October 11th we had a visit from Sharon and Ella from the Dogs Trust in Loughborough. We had a Special Assembly in the morning and then Classes 2, 3 and 4 had individual lessons with them.

During the Special Assembly we found out lots of information on how to behave around dogs. We should never approach a dog we don’t know and always ask permission from the dog’s owner before petting them.

In Class 2 Sharon talked about responsible dog ownership. The children in Class 3 did some Maths activities based around dogs. In Class 4, as our topic this term is World War 1, we learnt about the role of dogs during both world wars.

Thank you to Sharon and Ella for giving us a very interesting and informative day.

Is this dog smiling? Or not.
Lots of different breeds.

How can dogs be helpful in wartime.
Are you dog smart?

What to do with dog poo (not the real thing!).
What to do if an unknown dog runs towards you.