Event - Birds of Prey

28 November 2011

We had some special visitors on Monday the 28th November. Jan and Talia Prymaka from J.R.C.S. Falconry brought in some wonderful birds of prey.

We learned lots of interesting facts about owls and hunting hawks. For example owls cans hear the sound of a mouse's heartbeat and a falcon can see its prey from 2 miles away.

Talia, the European Eagle Owl was very popular as was Izzie, the barn owl. We also met a Little Owl, a Peregrine Falcon a Buzzard and a Kestrel.

All the birds were amazing. It was an exciting, educational and entertaining morning.

Our special visitors.
Smile, please.

We all held Izzie the barn owl.
Izzie was very cool.

Sapphire, the buzzard.
Tallia, the Eagle owl.

Don't look at me like that!
Topaz, the Falcon.