Event - Antarctic Assembly

3 October 2016

On Tuesday 3rd October we had a very special Science Assembly.

We had a visitor from the British Antarctic Survey. Harriet spent four months studying penguins in the Antarctic. Her special focus was on Adelie and Chinstrap penguins.

She shared lots of photos and interesting information on the penguins she studied during her stay. Petey, the Chinstrap penguin had a small GPS on his back enabling Harriet to discover he travelled over 150 miles to collect food for his family.

The children had some good questions for Harriet and were keen to try on the enormous boots and clothing she had to wear in the Antarctic to keep warm.

Lots of penguins on the beach.
Making a snowman.

Petey, the Chinstrap penguin.
Keeping an eye on the target!

We learnt lots of interesting information.
Wearing loads of layers to keep warm.

We needed lots of people to lift her boots.
Thank you, Harriet.