Children at Work - Class 3

Find out what we are learning in Class 3:

As part of Spring 2012's topic on 'The Frozen Planet' we have been making our own Penguins for our display. We brought in plastic bottles and created our own Emperor Penguins. We made them in an array of sizes but no life size ones as we discovered they can be as tall as some of us. We needed lots of black paper, glue, white paper and yellow and orange for the 'glow'.

As part of our Topic 'Britain since 1945', we have been looking at the changes in television. From looking like a piece of furniture in the 1940's to the 3D flat screens of today. We created a line graph showing the number of televisions in homes, in millions, from 1940 to 2010. We wrote a paragraph full of information about TV's. Then we chose two different models to draw.

Class 3 working on Reflections in the playground.

Leavers Prayer 2010

Dear Lord,

As we come to the end of our journey at Redmile School, may we stop for a moment and be grateful for all the amazing memories that we will take away with us in our hearts.

May we be thankful for the education we have received and the teachers who we have met along the way. We appreciate all they have done for us and wish them every success as they continue the circle of life.

As we continue our path on life's journey, may we continue to prosper and have the future that each of us aspire for. We are thankful that we have had so much fun throughout the years at primary school.

We believe that when we move on, we will always remember the good years we have experienced at this wonderful school and will take away the valuable life experiences we have gained which will prepare us for the amazing, unknown future.

Please take a minute with us, as we reflect upon the path that lies ahead of us.


By Nancy W

As part of our Tudor Topic work, we followed a recipe from Tudor Times for a cheese tart. Each group had the chance to make our own and sample the finished product later on in the day. Then we made a huge Tudor House. Each group made a different part of the house and designed the windows and door.

Miss Jackson, from Belvoir High School, has been giving the Year 6 children some keyboard lessons. They gave a small recital to the rest of the school, playing 'One more night' by Phil Collins and 'Bye bye love' by Buddy Holly.

We have been doing some pencil drawings of the, 'Goose Fair' by Arthur Spooner. In groups we painted mirrors and gallopers for a carousel to go on the classroom wall.

As part of our Egpytian Theme Homework we had to design a board game called 'Curse of the Pharaoh'. We had great fun playing them in the classroom.

Francis O'Loughlin from Puppets Alive came and performed the Puppet show called 'Setna and the Book of Thoth' for us.

In Class 3 our Topic this term is the Egyptians. We have been finding out all about Mummies and Canopic Jars.

As part of our Ancient Greek topic Class 3 made some Grecian Urns.

In Class 3 we finished off our Cluedo topic by making the Cleudo mansion and dressing up as some of the characters from the game


We have been learning all about electricity and how it reaches us. We have constructed our own circuits making lights shine and buzzers go off. We learned about avoiding hazards and keeping ourselves safe.

We have been looking at Forces. Our experiment showed the forces involved when we dropped oranges with the skin on and without skin into a tank of water.

As part of our Egyptian Topic work we have been mummifying some tomatoes. We scooped out the inside of the tomato and cleaned it then put a solution of salt and bicarbonate of soda inside. We are going to see how well preserved they are over a few weeks.

Mrs Sismey, an ICT specialist, came into our class and we looked a programme on how to control different animations. We found out how to move objects and control Traffic lights.

A giant dinosaur appears on our school field!

Creating fruity characters when learning about a a balanced diet

Science experiment by Class 2

A collage, by Eleanor

Designing Aliens, by Patrick

A visit to Tamworth Castle, helped us find out more about the Tudors

Learning how to dance like an Egyptian

Learning how we can reduce waste by recycling, reducing and reusing

Getting the recycling message across to others

Learning how to make our own bread

Work on Dinosaurs

The Phases of the Moon, by Tara

Making Victorian Christmas crackers

Investigating an ice balloon in science

A comparison of Toys across the years, by Esme

Class 3 made a large colourful puppet with a Caribbean theme to join the parade in the Winterval celebrations in Melton Mowbray

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