Children at Work - Class 2

Find out what we are learning in Class 2:

We have been looking at reversible changes. We have been doing some temperature investigations and asking the question 'what happens when chocolate heats and cools?'

Making collages using natural and man-made materials.

We have been making Carousels. We brought in boxes and covered them with newspaper and glue and painted them. We later decorated them.

We have been writing Poems about Fair Rides. We have used pastels to draw Fair Rides at night. We made a carousel with our own carriages and gallopers.

In Class 2 we have doing some self portraits with a difference. We had photos of our faces taken and then Mr Williams cut them in half and we had to draw the other half of them using pencils skills like shading and line drawing.

In Class 2 we are looking at Magnets in our Science Lessons.

In Class 2 we have been talking about feelings. We wrote about a situation and how we felt. We drew pictures and went to the Life Education Bus. We talked about how unpleasant feelings can be avoided.

To celebrate Chinese New Year we had a special dinner and held a colouring competition decorating our own Ox pictures.

We designed and made our own moving vehicles.


We have been learning all about our teeth. We experimented with different types of toothpaste to see which ones are effective. We made models of own teeth using plasticine. We are investigating which drinks will decay our teeth and which ones are better for us.

As part of our Invaders and Settlers Topic we have been making a copy of an Anglo Saxon Mask found at Sutton Hoo. We used clay and are looking forward to painting them when they have dried out.

Some of us have been drawing some flowers using Oil Crayons. There are lots of lovely colours and we used pen tops to make a really good effect.

We have been learning all about World War 2. We found out about evacuees and Anderson shelters. We pretended to be evacuees and wrote some letters home and about the things we would have to take into the Anderson shelter when we heard the early warning sirens.

Saffie's Viking Helmet.

Science experiment by Class 2

Playtime, by Natasha

Doubling and Halving.

Inventing puppets and making up stories.


Now I am part of the mess
Still as a statue.
I am jealous, miserable and dry.
Without a single sorry or excuse me
The children stand on me
I'm strangled and alone.
The wind blows me out of my home and life.
Why do I die at autumn time
A mess not just my friend's but me too.
Girls and boys shoot the ball at me on top of me
Life for me is upsetting.
I used to be green but now I'm brown with holes
It's always bumpy because moles
Underground push problems into my mind
I promise to help you said the tree
Help me I call
But the tree goes to sleep in the gloom
And the mist slips nearer to me.

by Caitlin

Story and artwork by Zoe.

Creating our own music.

Being creative with mark-making helps our handwriting.

Investigating Shape.

Science experiment by Class 2

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