Children at Work - Class 1

Find out what we are learning in Class 1:

Playing outside. Asking ourselves 'what can I find in the rice?', 'how long will it take for the ice to melt?' and 'how many balls are in the bucket?'

These are our favourite books.

We have some New Story Sacks for Class 1 this Year. Mrs Honeys Hat, The Gingerbread Man, an Alien Sack and a Pirate Sack.

We have been working on some observational drawings. We all sat outside with clipboards and pencils and drew our School.

We have been making lots of things to go on our Goose Fair Display. We have been looking at the painting by Arthur Spooner and looking at toys from that time.

We have been learning about our five senses.

Class 1 have a new Sandpit and a new Play House. The old House and Sandpit have been moved onto the field and all the older children love playing in them. Our new one stands on its own and really easy to reach. The house has window boxes!

Look at my playdough pot!

Making a rainbow.

Making music in Class 1.

Creating our own clay mini beasts

Our home corner became a Pirates Den

Learning to read together


Data handling and counting up to 10.

Improving our handwriting and learning words beginning with 'd' and 't'.

The weather has been so good we have been playing outside.

Fun in the playground with the hula hoops.

A bit of construction work.

Artwork by Class 1

Learning about road safety

Artwork by Class 1

Adam's mummy helps us to make cakes. We enjoy the licking up at the end best!

Artwork by Class 1

Learning to spell our name with Plasticine

Artwork by Class 1

The School Nurse shows us how to brush our teeth properly

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