Special Assemblies

Every Friday afternoon parents, families and friends are invited to attend our special assembly held in the end mobile. We sing songs, say prayers together and celebrate the achievements of the children.

Merit Certificate

Awarded to children working hard in lessons and producing good work.

Hand of Friendship Certificate

Awarded to children (sometimes staff and parents too!) for doing something really special to help or showing an act of kindness without being prompted.

Endeavour Cup

A special trophy awarded to a child who has received both a merit and hand of Friendship certificate on the same day.

This term's winners are: Ryan, Tara, Matthew, Caitlin and Josh.

Class of the Week Trophy

The Head teacher's decision is final! She's always on the look out for good manners, tidiness, hard work and positive attitudes.

Team Point Trophy

All children are in a team and collect points during the week. They are added up on Friday and the winners have their colours attached to the special trophy.

Special Events Awards

Swimming certificates, sports certificates and medals are just some of the extras warded to children throughout the year.

The Redmile Rap

This is our special song. It's really funky and we love cheering at the end!

Give it 1 (clap), give it 2 (clap, clap), give it 1,2,3 (x 4)

We are the children of Redmile School,
We take a pride in the things we do.
Learning together and having fun,
Who's for a good day? EVERYONE!

Give it 1 (clap), give it 2 (clap, clap), give it 1,2,3 (x 4)

Verse 1:
Give it all you've got
'Cos you've really got a lot.
Give it heart, give it mind,
Give it Soul don't stop! x 2


Verse 2:
Everyone is special,
Everybody has gifts
So we're gonna work together
And we're gonna learn to give. x 2

Give it 1 (clap), give it 2 (clap, clap), give it 1,2,3

Repeat verses 1 and 2

Give it 1 (clap), give it 2 (clap, clap), give it 1,2,3


Prayer for our School

This is our school
Let peace dwell here
Let the room be full of contentment
Let love abide here
Love of one another
Love of mankind
Love of life itself
And love of God
Let us remember that
As many hands build a house
So many hearts make a school


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