Our Pupils

The School Council.

Hello. We are the Redmile School Council.

Our Officers are:

  • Chair - Tom
  • Vice Chair - Lily
  • Secretaries - Lola and Ollie
  • Posties - Zubin and Holly
  • Security - Freddie, Oscar, Jack and Arthur

Roles and Responsibilities

Chair: Organises the meetings, meets with Mrs Hopkins weekly to set the agenda, ensures all actions are completed, takes the lead during the meetings (inviting people to speak and keeping order), ensures the School Council Noticeboard is up-to-date.

Secretary: Listens to what people say in the meetings and summarises points made in the School Council Record Book; makes a copy of the minutes and pins up on the School Council Noticeboard.

Posties: Take care of all letters and post that arrives for the attention of the School Council and brings them to the meetings; checks the School Council Suggestions Box for items received.

Security: Check that all Health and Safety Reps are doing their job properly and make sure everyone is following the school rules.

Monitor health and safety in the Quiet Zone and makes sure that everyone is following the school rules.

Working on our agenda with Mrs Hopkins

Our aims for the year:

  • Encourage people to use the Suggestions Box.
  • Make sure everyone is safe.
  • Encourage people to use the Library and read more.
  • Encourage more people to take part in the Viking Challenge.
  • Raise money for charities.
  • Link up with other School Councils

Events Organised by the School Council

We organise lots of events during the year and most of them help us to raise money for different charities. People put suggestions in our 'School Council Box' and we discuss which ideas we like. We then talk them through with our Class Councils, before finally deciding which to plan for. We meet with Mrs Hopkins to see if she is happy with our ideas and we agree a suitable day when it will take place.

Clothing and toy collection for children overseas.
Counting up the pennies on red nose day.

Colouring Pudsey Bear.
Making cakes for MacMillan's Coffee Morning.

I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!
Celebrities out of the jungle?

Operation Christmas Child.
Parachute games on Friendship Friday.

Fruity Friday raised awareness of healthy eating habits.
More Fruity Friday fun.

Some Jokes from our Pupils

Why did the golfer take an extra pair of trousers?

Just in case he got a hole in one!

By Tara

Simon went to a joke store and saw himself in the front window!

By Kane

Why did the driver drive in to the lake?

Because he wanted to dip his headlights!

By Sam

What do you call a donkey with three legs?


By Ryan

A man goes to the doctor and says: "I've got strawberries on my head."

The doctor replied: "I've got some cream for that".

By James

How do you make a cream puff?

Chase it round the block a few times!

By Kane

A man says to his doctor, "Doctor, doctor! I feel like I'm turning in to a cricket bat."

Doctor replies," Well, I'm completely stumped."

By Tara

"Doctor, doctor. I feel like a pair of curtains."

"Oh, pull yourself together!"

By Riona

Why I Like Redmile School - by the Pupils

I like Redmile because you always make friends. - Simon

My favourite thing about being at Redmile is everyone is happy and friendly towards each other. - Kane

I like Redmile School because the teachers are so nice and they help us in every way. - Tara

The things I like best about our school are number work and PE. I like running around and getting fit. - Thomas

The things I like best are EVERYTHING! I can't think of anything I don't like! - Megan

I like Redmile School because it looks after me. - Rachel

I like Redmile School because it has lots of computers. - Edward

The things I like best about our school are swimming and maths because I can swim better now and I am getting good at maths. - Alfie

I like playing games and getting to know everything and everybody. All the people are kind and we have the best teachers. - Caitlin

I like maths because I love times tables and solving problems. - Abigail

I like doing the prayers in assembly. - Matthew

I like our school because it helps us learn. - Kai

I like Redmile because it's amazing. - Hugh

I like all of the playtimes so I can practice skipping. - Hannah

I like the dinners. - Kyanne

I like our school because you pray to God and help ourselves to safe. - Adam

I like school because we've got Clixi. - Isaac

We do lots at school and we get lots of friends. - Joe

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