Event - Young Innovators Challenge

21 May 2016

This term Class 3 faced some new and exciting Challenges. As part of Science Week, 3M Health Care set the following Challenges:

  • Canyon Crossing Challenge: to design and build a bridge, using materials from a given list, which could carry as heavy a load as possible.
  • Eco Tech Challenge: to design and construct an article made from entirely recycled materials for use as either: an eco accessory (e.g. a bag, jewellery, mobile phone holder) or a decorative garden sculpture.
  • Super Food Challenge: to design and make a healthy snack or drink considering scientific processes, nutritional content, product name and packing.

We had some great inventions in every category. Some children travelled to Loughborough to present their creations to a group of judges.

We were delighted when one of the Super Food and one of the Canyon Crossing bridges were chosen to go through to the final.

The Rt. Hon. Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary and Member of Parliament for Loughborough, attended the final on Friday May 21st.

‘Eat Your Words’, an edible book, created by one of our Year 6 girls, and was given an award for the most innovative ideas. One of our other group of boys from Year 6 and 4 were runners up in the Canyon Crossing with their ‘EdKeOs’ Bridge.

Well done to all our entrants we are so proud of all of you.

Love Hearts.
Fantastic Fluffy Phone Cover.

The EGO.
The R.M. Stylus.

The Super Bridge.
London Bridge.

Super Smoothie.

Eat Your Words.
Rainbow Rolls.

Jelly Bombs.
Super Soup Sticks.

Fruity Fruity 3.0.

The Bridge Builders.
The EdKeOs Bridge.

The Amazing Transport Bridge.
How much weight will it take?

The Hump Bridge.
An exciting night.

The Rt.Hon. Nicky Morgan.
At the final in Loughborough.