Event - Christmas Week at Redmile

16 to 20 December 2013

We have had a very busy Christmas week here at Redmile. Monday was Games Day. Tuesday we held a carol service at St. Peter's church. Year 6 did a great job narrating the Christmas Story. We had some excellent solo performances and Class 1 provided the 'Aw…' factor as the Nativity characters.

Afterwards parents joined us in School to take part a special journey through the Christmas Story. In Class 1 we created pastel drawings of the baby Jesus. In Class 2 we made sheep and in Class 3 we decorated gold and silver coins and made little angels to hang on the Christmas tree.

Wednesday brought the Footprints Theatre Company to school. Steve Stickley performed, 'The Shepherds Song', a traditional story rewritten using modern parlance.

In the afternoon we had a Christmas party with games and lots of music.

On Thursday our annual panto trip took place. 'Oh no it didn't'. 'Oh yes it did!'. We all went to Newark Palace theatre to see 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves'.

On Friday morning the Year 6's organised our termly 'Redmiles Got Talent', and in the afternoon we had a very special visitor!

Pulling crackers.
Christmas Dinner. Yum!

'O come all ye faithful.'
Violin duet.

'Away in a Manger.'
Mary, Joseph and the donkey.

Mary and the angels.
Year 6 narrating.

Making gold and silver coins.
Making sheep.

Making angels.
A serious business.

The Shepherd Song.
Mary, Joseph and the shepherds.

Santa at Redmile.
He brought gifts.