Event - Christmas at Redmile

December 2012

On Tuesday 11th December we had our Christmas dinner. Everyone was dressed up and all the staff served a delicious lunch to children and some of the governors.

The Christmas theme continued when on Wednesday 12th we had a visit from GenR8. Working in partnership with the local churches, GenR8 present a Christian message for children. They performed songs and plays about the true meaning of Christmas.

Our annual performance this year was 'Santa's on Strike'. Deciding that children are too naughty, Santa goes on strike! Mrs. Santa and the elves have to persuade him to change his mind.

On Thursday 20th Janet, from Footprints Theatre, came to school and performed, 'It's Cold Outside', a Christmas story from Norway.

On Friday after our party a very special visitor arrived with a sack full of gifts for all the children.

Merry Christmas to everyone and all best wishes for 2013!

We had crackers.
Party hats.

Dinner was yummy.

What word goes in front of this?
Can I come to your party?

What does Christmas mean to you?
We all joined in with the songs.

Our Good and Bad Fairies.
Nativity scene.

Mrs Santa and elves.
Rehearsing .

Yes,that is a giraffe at the back.
Reindeers raring to go.

Animals waiting.
Mary and Joseph.

A garden in Norway.
It's cold outside.

Letting some light in.
Janet from Footprints Theatre with her Golden Roses.

Santa talking about our show.
Where is Rudolph?

Letters for Santa.
Santa brought a gift for everyone.