Event - Class 3's Tudor Day

5 July 2010

In Class 3 to round off our Tudor Topic we had a Murder Mystery Day.

We all came in Tudor Costume and were given character names and had to solve a Mystery based on the murder of Queen Elizabeth's servant. The conclusion was unsatisfactory as the wrong person was condemned and the real murderer, Lady Morton, went free.

In the afternoon the final task in the 'Big Brother Tudor House' was won by Team Seymour who achieved the most, 'Eyes'. (Explanations can be given by Class 3) .

Ladies of the court.
Gentlemen of the court.

Queen Elizabeth, Princess Mary and their servant, Rose.

The scene of the crime.

Searching for clues.
Questioning witnesses.

Who could it be?

Team Seymour.
Last topic for the Year 6's.