Event - Finale of Take One Picture

17 March 2010

We had a very busy day on Wednesday 17th March! In the afternoon we held the finale for our 'Take one Picture' topic. We unveiled our own version of the painting.

Class 2 displayed their wonderful fairground models. Class 1 showed everyone their clay fairground gallopers. Class 3 invented lots of Fairground sideshows with a mathematical theme.

Some of the parents attended some new parents had the opportunity to have a look around our school. Lots of children and staff had dressed up for the day in 1920's fashions!

At the end of the afternoon each class let a helium filled balloon loose. Where will they end up?

The Goose Fair, painted by Arthur Spooner in 1922.
The Goose Fair, recreated in pastels by the children of Redmile School in 2010.

P & J Fortune Tellers.
R & J Inc.

Hook a Duck!
Shoot a boat and beanbag.

Class 2 moving fairground rides.
More fairground rides from Class 2.

Guess the amount!
The Golden Wheel of Twizzle!

Get ready!
Up, up and away!