Event - Superheroes Topic Finale

15 December 2010

This term our topic has been 'Superheroes'. Our finale was going to be a few weeks ago but due to the snow we had to postpone it until Wednesday December 15th.

Parents were invited to come and see all the great work we have been doping on the topic. We decorated our Sports hall with all our 'Superhero 'art work. Class 1 brought over all their Super Senses work. Visitors were able to join in the great Maths Games Class 2 and 3 had made. Class 2 also showed everyone their film trailers they had made.

It has been a really good topic and we all enjoyed the activities.

Paul Cookson is one of our heroes.
Class 1.

What can you smell?

Class 3 made up lots of games.
Would you like to try my game?

We shared them with others.
This one is a bit difficult.

I win!
We shared them with parents.

Explaining the rules.
They were very colourful.