Event - Our Summer Concert

7 July 2009

On Wednesday 7th July we invited our parents to come to our new Sports hall to see our Summer Concert. Each Class performed their own songs and plays.

The theme was 'Around the World'.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary!
This little piggy went weeeeeee!

Humpty Dumpty!
Alouette, gentile alouette!

Class 2 doing the Lambeth Walk...

Is it our turn yet?
Consider Yourself, from Oliver.

The flute group from Class 3.
Playing the flutes beautifully.

Class 3 Greek Myths
Theseus and the Minataur.

Scary monster? No, it's just one of the boys!
Happy ending? Not sure!

Pandora's Box.

Zorba the Greek?
Greeks dancing.

Mrs Snow's recorder group.
More recorders...

The finale.
Take a bow, everybody!

Our Year 6 girls made up a small play set in the future. Telling us about their happy memories of Redmile.

Sophie fulfils her ambition to be Mrs Zac Ephron!
We are off to Belvoir!