Event - Redmile Sports Day

1 July 2011

On Friday July 1st we held our annual Sports Day. It was a lovely morning and all the children had a super morning.

We had lots of events including the Tunnel Relay, Zig Zag Running, Rob the Chest and Javelin. We ended the morning with A Tug of War for the Parents! The Dads won! Never mind Mums there is always next year!

The Yellow Team were the overall winners but it was a very close thing.

Tunnel relay.
Zig zag running event.

Greens waiting.
Yellows ready for the next event.

Limbering up.
What happens next?

Robbing the chest.
I think we have won!

Cheering the team on.
Nearly my turn!

Having a break.
Waiting for the next event.

The javelin.
How far did it go?

Take aim.
Let it go!

Nearly there!

Red in the lead.
It's going to be close.

Getting ready to pull.

Red team pulling hard.
Mums having a go!

Dads are triumphant.
Best Sportsmanship cup.

Yellow team win.
Having a well-earned drink.