Event - Class 1 Out in the Snow

January 2010

At the start of January 2010 we had an unusually cold period with lots of snow covering the whole country. We had to close the school on a couple of days, but there were other days when the children were able to come to school safely.

Here are some photos from Class 1 enjoying some time in the snow.

Wellingtons were essential this week!
Pink is all the rage this year.

Do we have to enjoy ourselves?
Time for the photographer to head indoors.

On Monday 11th January we went on the school field to see who could build the biggest snowman.

No head yet!
This head is too heavy to lift!

Team efforts.
Bigger team efforts!

We just need a nose now.
Don't lean too hard.

This is going to be big!
A Snowcat for a change! Lovely whiskers!