Event - Robina Hood

9 and 10 March 2010

We have had a fabulous week! Our pantomime, Robina Hood, was a great success.

All the hard work from children, staff and parents paid off on Tuesday and Wednesday when we performed to packed audiences and had a terrific response.

Mrs Hopkins did a marvellous job with the script and the children did an even better one of interpreting it. From songs, dances, jokes and audience participation, thanks they were amazing! A huge pat on the back to everyone involved with the costumes, scenery, sound, lights, music and the performers themselves, who never missed a beat.

Well done!

Ladies Mascara and Lipstic and Robina.
Ay up Bow 'n' Arra!

Mr and Mrs Omar Sheriff.
The soldiers.

The Court Officials.
The Ghosts.

Some Nuns.
Nuns with a Fortune Teller.

Nuns defrocked!
Lords and Ladies.

The Charleston!
The Merry Men with their Leader.

Great disguises, guys!
The Servants.

Some Pixies from the forest.
The Forest Faries.

Villern, a baddie!
Will Scarlett and some Merry Men.

The Hula-Hoop girls.
The Muscle Men.

A new boyfriend for Lady Lipstick.
Lady Lipstick getting her comeuppance!

Nice one!