Event - Our Day in Nottingham

28 January 2010

On Wednesday January 28th the whole school went into Nottingham for the day.

Class 3 visited the Crime and Punishment exhibition in The Galleries of Justice.

Class 2 went to Nottingham Castle. They were able to view the original of the painting, 'Goose Fair', investigated some objects from the painting using Feely Bags and then they each chose a character to draw.

Class 1 also went to Nottingham Castle but they looked at some old toys that were popular in the 1920's.

After lunch we all met up in the Market Square and looked at the surrounding buildings comparing the view from 1922 to the present day.

Meet Robin Hood!
Is this meant to be Friar Tuck?

Don't look so worried. We'll let you out!
The accused in the dock.

Listening to the evidence.
Bad news, I'm afraid!

Doing some washing.
More washing.

We don't fancy spending the night here!
The escape committee.

Don't leave me here!
Fancy a drink?

Class 1 arrive at the Castle.
Looking at some old toys.

Noah's Ark.
Playing on an old bagatelle.

Puppet shows.
Look closely and the figures appear to move.

Where did you get that hat!
Ready for lunch.