Event - Mini Viking Challenge

3 October 2012

On Wednesday afternoon we took part in a new style Mini Viking Challenge.

This year a special course was set out on the school field by members of the Viking Challenge committee. Lots of things with wheels were used to negotiate slalom, a roundabout, a fenced off S bend and a curved path. Riders were allowed to go round as many times as they liked. Welcome refreshments were available!

Thank you to the organisers. Thank you also to the children in Class 3 who were very helpful to the younger children.

The weather was kind as well, just a short shower. Let's hope it's the same on Sunday for the real thing.

Class 1 set off.
A helping hand.

How many laps now?
Am I nearly there?

Class 2 on the slalom.
Some welcome refreshments.

Class 3 on the move.
Hurry up!

Around the S bend.
Nearly there!