Event - Mini Viking Challenge

27 September 2010

On Monday 27th September we held our Mini Viking Challenge.

All the children walked around the village collecting the clues to make a phrase. Like the real Viking Challenge we had a Fruit Stop and refreshments stop and a Cake stop.

Also like the real thing we had the 'rain'! Everyone got very wet but still had a good time.

We made it back to school solving the phrase, 'Things for our school', which is what the Viking Challenge provides for us. Lots of thanks to Mrs Herring and all the other parents who manned the stops!

We made special hats.
What was that clue?

Reading an interesting fact.
Our hats started to droop in the rain!

Look closely and you can see a spiders web!
Three more clues to go.

We all had a certificate from Mrs Hopkins for finishing.
Working out the phrase.