Event - A Visit from Merlin

25 September 2012

On Wednesday morning 25th September we had a very clever visitor with a very wet nose.

Pauline, Denise and John from the Charity, 'Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, brought along Merlin to see us. Merlin is a 12 year old Springer spaniel on a mission. He is helping to raise £30.000 for the charity during their special 30th anniversary year.

Merlin is trained to alert deaf people to important danger signals in the home, work place and public buildings.

The children were thrilled to meet him and were shown how he can let his owner know when the phone rings or there is someone at the front door and all sorts of other amazing things.

After his display all the children, if they wanted to, were able to give him a pat.

'Hearing Dogs for Deaf People' is the chosen charity for the Viking Challenge this year. If you would like to know more about Merlin, he has his own website - go to www.merlinsmission.org

Merlin with his handler Pauline.
There's someone at the door.

The phone is ringing.
Smoke alarm is going off.

Sausages are burning.
The children asked some great questions.