Event - Kingswood Residential

18 to 20 May 2011

This year's trip residential trip to Kingswood was a great success. Years 4 and 5 returned on Friday and have been telling us all about their trip.

The 'Leap of Faith' was 'really exciting'. Everybody thought the 'Giant Zip Wire' was 'scary but great fun'. The 'Laser Quest' experience was 'very cool'.

Mr Curtis enjoyed playing 'Aeroball' and Mrs Copeland was scared by a huge crab whilst 'Rock Pooling'.

On the last evening there was a Disco and everybody dressed up for the evening. The Staff and Kingswood were all really nice and the food was scrumptious. All in all they had a super time.

A huge 'Thank you' to Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Copeland and Mr Curtis for looking after everyone.

We stopped on the way for a picnic.
At Sandringham Adventure playground.

The playground was really cool.
All on board!

We had to make up our beds.
Some people found it a bit difficult!

Working on our Scrapyard Challenge.
We had to work together.

Practising for the Aeroball.
Practising was easy!

During our 'Flash' session we made a film.
The Star was a small cuddly toy.

Waiting to take the 'Leap of Faith'.
This is how we float down.

This looks seriously scary.
'I did it'.

'Don't make me go!'
This is how we do it.

Rock Pooling was great fun.
We had to wear our wellies.

We found some crabs.
Some were tiny.

We had a good look at them before we put them back in the sea.
We'll all sleep well tonight, hopefully!

Ready for the Zip Wire.
Can't wait to have a go.

This is very high.
Look! No hands.

All dressed up for the Disco.
Five more minutes please.

All ready for bed.
You can't all sleep there!

Taking our bedding to the Laundry.
Breakfast was yummy.

There was lots of choice.

Second Groups turn on the 'Leap of Faith'.
Don't look so worried.

Getting buckled up.
It very high up here!