Event - Industry Week

15 October 2012

On Monday 15th October we began our Industry Week. Student teachers from Nottingham Trent University were with us. The theme for the week was 'The Senses'.

Hearing and sight were the senses chosen in Class 1 and we made musical instruments and photo frames.

In Class 2 we baked cakes which tasted delicious and made up some smelly recipes.

Class3 we were taught how to sing and sign the song 'I can sing a rainbow'. We made books for younger children with different textures for them to touch. We also made a selection of goods including, rings, bracelets, cakes and bookmarks. We had to negotiate with each other to buy all the resources we needed. On Friday morning parents were invited to a Special Sale of all our products. We were delighted to make a massive £140.83 to donate to Merlins Mission.

Everyone worked really hard and the week was a great success.

Our touchy-feely books.
Buying what we need from the shop.

Our rings and bracelets.
Class 1 making music.

Class 3's wares for sale.
Picture frames.

Come and buy our Rocky Road!
More frames from Class 1.

Parents buying our products.
One for the mantelpiece!