Event - Headteacher for a day

17 March 2016

On Thursday 17th March we had a new Headteacher for the day. Mrs Hopkins made a promise to one of our Year 6 girls that the day she was taller than her she could spend the day as Headteacher.

Well that day dawned and on Thursday 17th March Miss H took over the school for the day.

After a quick talk with Mrs Hopkins first thing, Miss H held a staff briefing, met the children in the playground and went on to teach in each class throughout the day. As the subject matter for her lessons was ’Dogs’, her own three pugs were in the playground where everyone was able to stroke and play with them before school.

Her comments after a day in charge: "It was really fun and has made me think seriously about a career in teaching."

Getting straight to work in the office.
Meeting the Pugs.

Teaching Class 3 about dogs.
Handing back the reins.