Event - Harvest Festival

7 October 2010

On Thursday October 7th we held our Harvest Festival in St Peters Church. We made Harvest baskets and filled them with all sorts of lovely fruit, vegetables and eatables.

Class 1 performed 'The Story of the Colourful Hens'. Class 2 told everyone the about Tiddlick, the frog who drank all the water in the world. Class 3 sang the lovely Harvest song, 'H' is for Harvest and we all joined in with prayers of thanks.

After the service Mrs Hopkins and the Year 6 children donated the baskets to Dove Cottage.

Some of our Harvest boxes.
A red and a black hen.

A brown and a purple hen.
Lots of fluffy hens!

Trying to make Tiddlick laugh!
If this doesn't work, nothing will.

At last he laughs!
H is for Harvest.

Some words we can make using the letters of 'harvest'.
More words from the letters of 'harvest'.

Filling up Mrs Hopkins car with Harvest boxes.
Some residents accepting them.