Event - A Visit from GEM 106

2 October 2013

We had a very exciting morning on Wednesday 2nd October. We had a visit from the breakfast team from GEM 106. As part of their 'Classroom Heroes' promotion Sam and Amy arrived at school with Dangerous Dave and Sammy the dancing hamster.

We had added a new verse to the Harvest song, 'Paint Box' as a welcome to Redmile School.

All the children enjoyed meeting them and taking part in' Small Talk'.

Listen in to Gem106 on Friday 4th October and hear our interviews or listen on Utube. There will be lots of photos on their website www.gem106.co.uk (external link).

Waiting for GEM to arrive.
Waving our flags.

Ready in the Hall.
Is it them?

Small Talk' for girls.
... and boys.

We sang our song for them.
No school had done that before.

Sammy arrives.
'Good morning'.

He danced to 'Gangham Style'.
And played the piano.

Where is Sammy?
Sam, Amy and Dangerous Dave.