Event - Flight Day

28 March 2014

To celebrate the end of our 'Explorers' topic we held a special 'Flight Day' in March. Everyone came to school dressed as lots of things linked to flying.

We had ground crew and cabin crew, passengers and pilots, some luggage and even Biggles made an entrance. A great assortment of aircraft made by children and parents were displayed during assembly.

We also had a special 'Fly By' showing everyone our outfits and aircraft. At the end of a fun day some certificates were awarded for, 'The most lifelike aircraft', 'The most creative use of materials', 'The most imaginative aircraft' and 'the aircraft we'd most like a trip in'.

We also had a special prayer together for the families of passengers on the Malaysian plane missing now for more than three weeks.

Our 'Fly By.'
Our air traffic controllers.

Come fly with us.
A whole airport!

Some great aircraft.
Some were made of clay.

Lots of silver paper.
Chocks away!

The most lifelike.
The one you would like to travel in.

The best use of materials.
All aboard!