Event - Flat Stanley Finale

April 2009

After over a year of travelling, Flat Stanley has finally returned home.

Pupils have been delighted that their Flat Stanley has come home after all this time, and he appears to be very well travelled! He has been to far away places, like New Zealand and Australia; closer-to-home countries in Europe; tiny islands in the Caribbean; hot places in Africa; cold places in North America; under-developed countries like Ethiopia; and exotic places in the orient and Asia!

Postcards have been sent to school from all over the world and many friends who Stanley visited sent information packs to the children about their country, including colouring books, photographs, newspaper clippings, homemade DVDs and lots of letters, including special messages written on Stanley himself!

One of the most exciting things to have happened as a result of the project, was when one of Stanley's host families came to Redmile to visit us... all the way from Palmerston North, in New Zealand!

11 year old Nadine and her father Scott surprised our Year 2 pupil, Thomas, when they visited him and his family on their farm in Barkestone-le-Vale. Scott is also a farmer and spent some time studying at Brooksby Agricultural College a number of years ago. What a small world!

Scott said they had been to London, seen Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard, but visiting Redmile was their favourite moment of all! It was a very special moment for us too! They have promised to keep in touch, so hopefully all our pupils will get to know this lovely family.

Scott and Nadine, Flat Stanley hosts from New Zealand, come to Redmile.
Flat Stanley now has time to hang out after his adventures.

Stanley's travels were mapped out on his body for us to see where he'd been.
More visitors from New Zealand.

Just a sample of the many post cards children received...
... from around the world.