Event - Easter at Redmile

March 2013

At Redmile our Easter celebrations started on Monday March 11th when GenR8 came to visit us. John, Greer, Claire and Ruth performed 'What a friend.' They told the Easter Story using drama and some special puppets called, Lucy and Joe.

Since then we have been busy making Easter cards and having our own Easter Service in Church. Class 1 showed us Jesus arriving in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, Class 3 read the Denial of St. Peter and Class 2 performed and sang about the Resurrection of Jesus.

On Friday 22nd March, Steve, from Footprints Theatre gave us 'That's mine!' The Easter Story told by Sam, a prison guard. Sam guarded Jesus and Barabas, whose life was changed when Jesus was crucified and he was saved. As always the children joined in and some volunteers helped to tell the story.