Event - Demolition

16 June 2011

This week we watched the demolition of the mobile classrooms.

The machinery arrived on Wednesday morning and by the afternoon the whole thing had been squashed and taken away. From the Main building we now have a lovely view of the Sports Hall.

We have all been very careful during the week as the playground has been out of action but have been able to play on the field.

Preparing the ground.
Making things safe.

The machinery arrives.
Ready to be filled.

They started at 9.15am.
There goes the Lunch room.

Class 2 watching.
Hope we haven't left anything in there!

Doing a good job.
The first load ready to go.

Class 3 gone!
Toilets next.

Then Class 2.

The last of the walls.
Nearly gone.

All gone!
Picking up the last few bits.