Event - The Big Move

May 2011

Class 2 and Class 3 are now working in the Sports Hall.

We began the big decant last week in readiness for our new build. We have all worked really hard to move all our things that we will need over to the Hall. Everything else has been packed up ready for the removal men to put into storage.

The Mobile Classrooms look very empty.

The first few days in the Sports Hall have gone very well. Class 3 is at one end and Class 2 at the other with a space in between for Assembly. It is quite exciting. Well done to everyone!

Class 2 in the Sport Hall.
Class 2 working at one end of the hall.

Class 3 working at the other end of the hall.
Class 3 working hard.

The mobile classrooms all packed up.
Ready to go into storage.