Event - Belvoir Day

28 June 2016

On Tuesday June 28th Years 2 to 5 went to Knipton Cricket ground to take part in a cricket and countryside day.

The day started off with some cricket skills, batting, bowling, catching and fielding. We finished off the morning with games of Scattergun and Diamond cricket.

After lunch we all took part in Orienteering and heard all about game keeping on the Belvoir Estate. We met a beautiful Harris hawk called Scooby. He was nine years old and very well behaved.

We also found out about all the creatures found in the river including water boatmen, leeches and snails. We were able to see three varieties of fish, perch, grub fish and gudgeons.

The day ended with a visit from the Belvoir hounds. All the ‘ladies’ were brought down to the river to meet us.

Many thanks to the Belvoir Cricket Trust who made it a very enjoyable day. They even managed to keep the rain away which was an added bonus.


Let it go!
Keeping an eye on the target!

Getting ready to throw…
Some great batting.

Hitting the target.
Playing Scattergun.

Catching rats.
Does he bite?

A steady hand.
A fish from the river.

What lives in the river?
Friendly hounds.