Event - School Visit to Beaumanor Hall

20 February 2013

On Wednesday 20th February the whole school spent the day at Beaumanor Hall. We had a great time orienteering.

All of Reception, Year 1 and 2 were pirates for the day. Our pirate leader, Not So Jolly Jane, put us into groups. Each group had a map to help us find the symbols to lead us to the Treasure Cave.

The rest of us spent the morning learning to read maps. We used the key to explore the grounds of the Hall. In the afternoon Richard, our leader for the day, set us a challenge to find lots of symbols around the grounds using our maps.

It was a really fun day even though a bit cold!

Looking for clues.
Look out for sharks.

Can you hit the pirate.
Our treasure map.

We found the cave.
The Treasure Cave.

Getting instructions.
This way, I think!

There it is.
Is this map the right way uup?