Event - Classes 1 and 2 visit Beaumanor Hall

18 March 2011

On Friday March 18th Classes 1 and 2 visited Beaumanor Hall.

In Class 1 we took part in a Nature Day to reinforce our topic on woodlands, plants and animals. As part of our topic 'Children at War', Class 2 took part in a World War II day.

Beaumanor Hall was used during the Second World War as a Listening Centre, decoding messages.

Class 2

Sounding an air raid siren.
Learning about Beaumanor during WWII.

At school during the War.
Making up our own codes.

Breaking the code.
In an air raid shelter.

Trying on gas masks.
Saying 'goodbye' to James, and heading back to 2011!

Class 1

We started the day with a Scanvenger Hunt.
Look what I found!

What can I find down here?
What's in the jar?

Examining a slug!
Lots of slimy things in here!

Off to do some pond dipping.
Are there any sharks in here?

We found snails.
We emptied our nets into buckets.

We found lots of creatures.
Had a good look before they all went back into the pond.