Event - Art Workshop

17 and 19 January 2011

On Monday and Wednesday of this week we started our Art project with Laury Dizengremel. Laury is the 'Artist in Residence' for the Belvoir Estate.

On Monday Class 2 and Class 3 joined in an Art Workshop. We all had a great morning drawing and painting. We all put our ideas down for two projects. Joining other schools in the Vale and Y10 Art GCSE students from Belvoir High School we are decorating one of 41 poles which will form a large Sculpture.

The other project will be for our school and will be sighted on the outside of the Sports Hall.

On Wednesday Laury worked with all of us throughout the morning. We made clay models of our hands and decorated them. When they are dry we are going to paint them. They will then be made into the sculpture for our school.

Getting ready.
Thinking of ideas.

Working with Laury.
Sharing ideas.

Making a model of the sculpture.
Some other ideas.

How about this?
Before we start on the pole.

Making our clay hands.
Making our clay hands.