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Sarah Sims
15 Jul 2016

My son started Redmile in yr 3/4. I am amazed how he has changed, his confidence in himself, his sport. Friendships, Absolutely love the school, they bring out the best in the children, so sad to be leaving for senior school.

Rating: Excellent

Steve Tunnicliff
14 Mar 2016

Well done everybody who did morris dancing with New St George Morris today (14th March 2016). You worked really hard and it was a pleasure to teach you.

Rating: Excellent

Sarah Kwan
08 Apr 2014

My son started here at Redmile in September 2013. He has settled in fantastically well, and really relishes the safe and stimulating learning environment that the school offers. His class teacher Mr Williams is truly inspiring, and we feel that he provides a model for giving children the confidence to thrive. We are very impressed parents.

Rating: Excellent

09 Feb 2014

The website has such good use over the past few years keep it going.

Rating: Excellent

Harriet Lobo
13 Nov 2013

I think our school is outstanding because we all care about each and every one of us. We all learn together like a family does. I lvoe my school.

Rating: Excellent

Sarah and Patrick McClure
22 Dec 2012

After our first few months in Redmile and Abigail's first term at Redmile School I'd like to thank Mrs Hopkins, all the teachers, and parents who have made us so welcome and helped Abigail to settle in so quickly. We are very happy to have found such a lovely community to bring our children up in.

Rating: Excellent

Loraine Whitehead (nee Sharp)
03 Aug 2012

What a wonderful website. I am looking from the other side of the world (New Zealand). Loved the tour and the staff paintings. Brought back many happy memories of my time there in the late 60's early 70's. Well done!

Rating: Excellent

The Rowlands Family
06 Jul 2012

Our Son Dalton has just returned from his first day at Redmile Primary School. He had a fantastic day and really enjoyed meeting all the pupils and teachers. We would just like to say how impressed we are with all the children and members of staff... you were all very polite and helpful. We were especially impressed by your fantastic behaviour! We look foward to joining you in September. What a fantastic school you are all part of! The Rowlands Family.

Rating: Excellent

Megan Attewell
07 Mar 2012

It's great and well done to the runners. You've still got pictures of me as well.

Rating: Excellent

Ryan Charlesworth
30 Jan 2012

Its been two years and i still miss redmile school. Great website!

Rating: Excellent

Santa Claus
04 Jan 2012

The G.P.S. system worked a treat. It enabled me to get to you all on time and I enjoyed meeting all of you very much. Wishing all the children, staff and parents a very Happy New Year! Santa x

Rating: Excellent

Joe T and Callum H
01 Dec 2011

This school is great because of our amazing teamwork. I love to learn at this school.

Rating: Excellent

Sandra Moran
30 Nov 2011

Putting aside political views and personal opinions on the complex issues around today's industrial action - I'd just like to lend my support to the great teaching and support staff; I can understand that this has been a very tricky decision to make to strike today.

Rating: Excellent

Kathy Cross
11 May 2011

I love the website and think the childrens pictures of the staff are wonderful. It was great to work with Mr Curtis and his class last term and we look forward to working with you again the year after next. Best wishes.

Rating: Excellent

James Boothroyd
05 Mar 2011

The website is great and I'm loving all of the photos.

Rating: Excellent

Rachel Cemery
18 Dec 2010

I have visited your website a couple of times since being with you in July for Theme Week. Looks like you're having lots of fun and learning so much! Keep up the hard work everyone. Best wishes to Year 1&2 who may remember me from last year.

Rating: Excellent

Faye Laywood
08 Oct 2010

I am missing you all hope you all having fun. I love the PGL potos!

Rating: Excellent

Joe and Lola
30 Sep 2010

We love coming to school and we hope that the Viking Challenge disco goes well. Hope you have a great Viking Challenge Day.

Rating: Excellent

Oonagh Turnbull
14 Jan 2010

The website has been so useful for all the snow and ice updates - thanks! Also, great to see so many pictures of the children and teachers. Thank you for putting them on so quickly. I love the snow ones - and the wear it pink and roald dahl week ones too.

Rating: Excellent

Madame Fenton
09 Dec 2009

What a fantastic website, I love being able to see what you have all been up to this year. I love Natasha's very happy playground picture. I did not recognise Mr Wiliams in his pink wig! Can I please join in the mini Viking Challenge with you all next year? Keep on having fun, you look so wonderfully happy!

Rating: Excellent

Sarah George
25 Oct 2009

I just wanted to say Caitlin's leaf poem was really, really good and the website looks great and is very welcoming. Well done!

Rating: Excellent

Emily Snow
15 Aug 2009

Lovely website, very welcoming it brought back happy memories.

Rating: Excellent

Tara Mason
26 Jul 2009

I love the new website very colourful i will miss you all very much!

Rating: Excellent

Sophie Mold
27 Jun 2009

I love the new website i love all the links. i will miss this school so very much!

Rating: Excellent

Sam Trigg
23 Jun 2009

Great website - you should all be very proud of it. It clearly shows what a lovely school Redmile is. It contains lots of useful information too!

Rating: Excellent

Claire Michelle Hopkins
20 May 2009

I think that your school is very fortunate to have the most beautiful Headteacher in the world! Smiley face! P.S I love the trendy colours on your amazing website and I think that Mrs Hopkins' hair looks fantastic in her picture! xxx Mum!

Rating: Excellent

David Staveley
07 May 2009

Hello! I'm Rosie Staveley's brother in law. Think your website is brilliant! Will try and use some of your ideas in the one at the school where I work.

Rating: Excellent

Julie Joyce
02 Apr 2009

What an excellent website! It's extremely useful as a point of reference. Also, well done to all those who participated in the Vale Schools Music Concert. It was very entertaining.

Rating: Excellent

Charlotte Graetz
31 Mar 2009

I have just got back from the Easter Service the school has done at the church. It was lovely to see the whole school involved. Me and Ayla enjoyed it very much and she enjoyed dancing to the singing. Thank-you.

Rating: Excellent

Eleanor Morley
23 Mar 2009

I think this is a really good website with lots of lovely pictures. Great to see some old friends!

Rating: Very Good

Tom Yaxley
14 Mar 2009

Amazing school, changed well loads since i last was here, i guess that was a good 6-7 years ago though, nice to see some of the staff are still there. keep up the good work.

Rating: Excellent

Helen Bartlett
10 Mar 2009

Beautifully executed site which has quickly become a frequent point of reference for me. Thanks to everyone for the hard work that's gone into creating and maintaining the site.

Rating: Excellent

Julie Davis
09 Mar 2009

Great website! Enjoyed looking at the wonderful pictures of the staff by the children.

Rating: Excellent

Matthew Hogg
22 Feb 2009

I liked the information about the school. I liked the pictures of the church. I like the school hall and I think the pictures of the teachers are great.

Rating: Excellent

Claire Moody
14 Feb 2009

A fab way of keeping up with what is happening in school.

Rating: Excellent

Oonagh & Chris Turnbull
19 Jan 2009

What a wonderful website! It is fantastic to see all the great things the school does brought to life in such a colorful and informative way. We look forward to logging on again soon. Well done to all concerned!

Rating: Excellent

Michael Anthony Bull
19 Jan 2009

Brilliant website. Must comment on the school hall- when is it going to be finished?! Let me know when the grand opening is. It was a pleasure working with you. Best wishes Mick Bull (Site Manager, Seddon).

Rating: Excellent

Roselyne Henderson
07 Jan 2009

A most informative web site, very interesting and looks to be a very well run school. Love the pictures of the staff by the children!

Rating: Excellent

Tracy Hainey
23 Dec 2008

The new web site is brilliant and a credit to the school. Well done!

Rating: Excellent

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