Class 2

Welcome to Class 2.

Welcome to Class 2.

We are a superstar class with a mixed age group of Year 2 and Year 3 children.

We are a great team and always help and care for each other. We love singing our class song, 'Proud', which you will often hear from our room.

In Class 2, our motto is 'we learn by having fun'. We believe that we learn at our best when we enjoy what we are doing. We demonstrate many Christian values so that our class is a safe and happy place to be.

Everyone is in charge of their own learning; we work together to choose topics that get us excited and ones that interest us. Together we agree our learning targets. We use lots of personal checklists in all areas of our learning so that we know what we need to do to improve. We have English and Maths lessons every day, which often link to our whole school cross curricular topic (and very often music).

Class 2 also learn Spanish and we are very lucky to have Woodlands Adventure activities in our outdoor learning area. We love exploring the outdoor environment and building our team work and physical skills.

We have weekly PE lessons, which we enjoy as we love a competition. A highlight of our week is that we go swimming and Class 2 also get the fabulous opportunity to dance with Miss Cheryl.

Throughout the year, we will also have trips out and visitors who come into school to add to the magical memories that we continue to make in Class 2.

Our Learning

Find out what we are learning in Class 2:


Dressed up as Scientists - we love dressing up!
In our Outdoor Adventures, we like exploring our natural enviroment.

We enjoy music lessons, especially playing in a band.
We always have a smile on our faces in maths!

Reading time is very important in Class 2. We especially like Roald Dahl
We use actions to help us remember in most lessons.